China, people walked over the lake, unearthed the trick Video source

Abu Dhabi, China: - A property owner in Changsha, China, resorted to a trick that deluded buyers that there was a lake and green spaces that they would enjoy, but the trick was exposed when they saw people walking over the lake.

A landlord resorted to a ploy to entice them to buy apartments in his apartment complex.

The buyers discovered that the company painted the floor in blue to look like when taking pictures from the top like a lake.

Many residents who bought their apartments in the area expressed their indignation at the real estate company 's behavior after they received the keys to the houses.

After the buyers expected the apartment complex to be perfect - according to a promotional video - they were surprised that their apartments overlook a fake lake and that the gardens were ink on paper.

Pictures showed people walking over the phantom lake, with their faces showing signs of stupor; others entered a hysterical wave of laughter.

The landlord defended what the company had done, saying the project had been implemented in a "satisfactory" manner, and according to government standards; adding that they would meet with homeowners to try to solve some problems.

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