Monday, 01 June 2020

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Dunia Butma's sister insulted the Iraqis, video Because of Saddam Hussein

Dunia Butma's sister insulted the Iraqis, video

Egyptian News Vision: - Sarah Battma, sister of the Moroccan artist, Donia Battma, stirred a lot of noise during a discussion with Ryan Geller, famous on Saudi social media.

The dialogue was direct on the international photo-sharing site "Instagram", and it caused confusion after Sara Boutma sent him insults to the Iraqi people, and he accused of treason for the late President Saddam Hussein.

As Butma said: "I do not like the people of Iraq, because they are people of hypocrisy and discord, and I am free."

Geller replied: "The people of Iraq are on my head, and I have a large group of my audience there."

Sarah replied, "I don't like them." Ryan Geller asked her about the reason, and she said: “They are hypocrites.”

Rayan said: “No, Sarah, they are the people of Karam.” But Sarah Batmeh continued her attack, saying: “Oh, traitors, people of Iraq, who betrayed Saddam Hussein?”


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