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Monday, 17 October 2016 21:02

Film, Christine Chonbuk, blood on the air

American TV presenter, Christine Chubbuck, the story of her suicide, on the air on July 15, 1974, still occupies a lot of people.

This new film titled "Christine," recounts some of her story.

Chubbuck, 29, was broadcasting a news bulletin, when she said: "In keeping with Channel 40's policy, introduced the latest news of bloody crimes in color, you will see now is another story: a suicide attempt," before putting a gun to her head and shoot live.

The movie "Christine" is about the life story of Chubbuck in the seventies, the film was written by Craig Hellowic, and directed by Antonio Campos. And actress Rebecca Hall plays the role of journalist Christine Chubbuck.

Displays details about the lives of Chubbuck, and revolves around the basic idea is "trying to press to be a human being and failing to identify with this trick."

And it appears in the film's sympathy with her colleague at work, compared rejected by her boss, and ignored by her mother's narcissism foul, do not bother her daughter unhappy.

The film shows the unfortunate life of Chubbuck, which is still a virgin at the age of 29 and living with her mother at home who pay real estate mortgage.

The film, along with the documentary Kate Plays Christine Robert Greene, re-highlight the psychological conflict of workers in the media, compared to media organizations that deal to the principle of "excitement and thrill," with crimes and wars afflicting the world every day policies.

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