Life freezes over in New York, video

February 02, 2021
Life freezes over in New York, video Life freezes over in New York, video

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A snowy storm hit the eastern coast of the United States. To closing airports and schools, and postponing vaccinations against the emerging corona virus, as New York City prepares for unprecedented heavy snowfall.

Life freezes over in New York, video

And messages arrived warning citizens on mobile phones not to leave their homes except when necessary.

The weather service issued warnings about the storm from Virginia to Maine, a swath of tens of millions that was swept by gusts of up to 80 kilometers per hour accompanied by heavy snow.

New York declared a state of emergency and imposed restrictions on unnecessary movement, and returned students to study remotely, while rescheduling vaccinations against the long-awaited Corona virus, at a time when the thickness of snow in parts of the city exceeded 45.7 centimeters.

Snow shovelers moved around New York's streets, which were mainly quieter than usual due to "Covid-19", at a time when Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the small number of students who have returned to school will stay home today.

More than 1,600 flights have been canceled in the United States, most of them at New York, Boston, and Philadelphia airports.

This means a new disruption to travel, which has been significantly reduced in the first place due to the epidemic.

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