Monday, 01 June 2020

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Venice: the return of the jellyfish and the purity of the water With Corona virus

Venice: the return of the jellyfish and the purity of the water

Italia:- The first beneficiary of the spread of the Corona virus around the world is the nature and water bodies that were teeming with all kinds of pollution, and even the weather and air became more pure than before, after the low rates of carbon emissions.

On many beaches, aquatic life resurfaced again, and while dolphins appeared while swimming in the waters of ports in a number of countries in the world, the city of Venice, which was filled with tourists throughout the year, was a safe haven and a wonderful jellyfish.


In Venice, one of Italy's most famous tourist cities, citizens watched wonderful scenes of jellyfish roaming the city's canals.

The quarantine imposed in the city helped to increase the purity and clarity of water in the Venetian canals, in addition to the stop of the movement of tourist boats used in the city, with the appearance of this water animal wandering in the city.


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