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Monday, 27 April 2020 10:11

Video, relationship and communication between the dunes

 Long-term landscape development Long-term landscape development

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Scientists at the University of Cambridge conducted an experiment that helps to understand the long-term development of landscapes, and how they form distant or approaching each other.

The unique experiment attempted to reach the relationship between sand dunes in the desert, and one of the results of the study was a surprise to all, as it showed that the sand dunes communicate with each other.

Details of the experiment: -

Scientists put two identical piles of sand in a tank that circulates and pumps enough water to move the sand particles.

One of the scientists believed that the two piles would move at the same speed because their height and quantity are equal, but this did not happen.

"The two blocks of sand were moving apart, as if they were not in love with each other," said study author Carol Pakek.

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