The cockatoo parrot stood thinking about removing the heavy construction stone that is above a box cover, and then the bird uses his beak and feet to adjust the position of the stone first, until it becomes easy to move, and in the end he drops it with its beak and feet, and after this he raises the cover, and gets the food he wants.

The video was published by "Secure Alde" company specialized in the manufacture of garbage boxes, to warn its customers that some birds, such as the parrot, can open the garbage boxes and scatter their contents, even if these boxes are closed and there is more than one obstacle in front of the bird.

Commenting on the video, the company said: Some birds can open the boxes if there is no tightly closed lid, and the company recommends purchasing better lids for the boxes, and equipment to keep the birds away.

Video commentators revealed that birds, especially parrot, were a problem with litter boxes. However, some have focused on the intelligence of the budgie, which some studies compare to the intelligence of a five-year-old child. He is able to simulate, make and use tools, and the budgie is amazing in its exceptional activities, such as throwing eggs with stone to break it or using bait for fishing.

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