China - Wuhan: - The Chinese streets of Wuhan became empty of its people, and the stronghold of the Coronavirus turned into a ghost town, for the following week in a row, due to quarantine measures.

ABC News photographed the streets of the Chinese city by drone, for the city of 12 million people, no one on its streets.

Scientists believe that the virus, called 2019-nCov, may be transmitted from animals to people on the seafood market in Wuhan.

In a video clip of Dron over the city, we can see that there are very few cars on the road.

Chinese officials have put another 15 cities in the process of shutting down, bringing the total number of people affected to nearly 45 million.

Reports from Wuhan indicate that most residents reside in their homes and occasionally venture out to stock up on food and masks.

China asked farmers to intensify vegetable production and opened some closed roads for delivery trucks, according to Reuters.

The government also threatened to impose harsh penalties on store owners who raise the prices of food and required masks.

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