Monday, 01 June 2020

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Video, Muslim woman who defended a Jewish family Video, Muslim woman who defended a Jewish family

Video, Muslim woman who defended a Jewish family

Abu Dhabi, London A Muslim woman defended a Jewish family on a metro train north of London and confronted a man wearing a hat reading a section of the Bible.

The man with the hat accused the Jews of being "charlatans who started the slave trade" and leaned toward the eldest son of the Jewish man.

When a passenger tried to stop him, the attacker said, "Get out of my face. I'll beat you in your nose," and then continue to make more threats and insults to the Jew and his child.

Chris Atkins, a filmmaker who filmed the incident on his phone, spoke to Sky News, saying four passengers, including a veiled Muslim woman, had confronted the abusive man, describing the latter as "incredibly brave."

Atkins released the footage after obtaining permission from the abused Jewish man, saying that the father and son were sitting with a younger child and a woman who was not shown by the camera.

The director explained that the abusive man was insulting and threatening the Jew.He described him as `` really horrible and evil.I couldn't believe it.

It was strange to see someone with such atrocity and rudeness, the child was terrified, while the father was calm and ignoring the abuses. ''


Video, Muslim woman who defended a Jewish family Video source


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