Video of a Chinese father purifying his daughter from certain death

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: In the city of Jingzhou in central China's Hubei Province, a Chinese father managed to save the life of his daughter, who was driven into a car that almost killed her.

In the video above, we show a black four-wheel drive car, which is going too fast and rushing towards a family-owned supermarket.

The father was standing next to his daughter when he hinted at the car coming, and realized that the commander had lost control, and at that moment the father only thought of his child; He was hit hard.

Indeed, his daughter, whose voice is heard from the rubble after the raid, escaped with a frightened voice: "Dad, are you okay?"

Police said: No one was injured in the incident; but the shop and the car abroad were badly damaged.

The driver of the car, "Zhao", who turned out to be driving under the influence of alcohol, was arrested, and several charges awaiting trial.

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