The beginning of the nuclear attack on America The beginning of the nuclear attack on America
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What did America do in anticipation of nuclear attack on it?

Who can carry out a nuclear attack on the United States of America? Perhaps the average person sees that no country may think about this, even if it can, yet Washington has prepared for any nuclear attack on it since the 1950s.

The beginning of the nuclear attack on America

If it appears that there is a nuclear attack on the United States of America at the beginning, the commander-in-chief will move the US president to a safe place, where he has a range of shelters at his disposal, one under the White House where a fortified area has been equipped since the 1950s Hide another away at the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

There is a primitive sanctuary in the resort of Mar A Lago, Florida, and another originally used as a bomb store at a golf course in West Palm Beach.

No protection for the US president from nuclear attack

There is no shelter capable of surviving a direct nuclear strike, despite all the ingenuity of these shelters.

Kenneth Rose, author of One Nation Under the Ground: The Nuclear Refuge in American Culture, says: "There are no defenses to withstand the huge explosion and the heat that results from it."

If the president survives the initial attack, and the shelter is useful in this case, he will need a safe place where he can lead the country from him, even if the fire is raging in the rest of the world.

The construction of shelters and caches, both for presidents and for the general public, serves another purpose: to make it easier for Americans to talk about atomic or nuclear warheads, making imaginable money, a global nuclear war, conceivable.

Officials of the Civil Defense Agency have tried to generalize the system of shelters throughout the country, some built for government employees and others for the public. For example, officials in the 1960s built a huge nuclear shelter in Los Altos, California.

However, some people built their own shelters. Thousands of shelters have been built, as history professor Laura McNane has revealed during her research on her book Nuclear War.

 "The construction of shelters has become the responsibility of the nuclear family," McKinney says of the construction of shelters.

The fall of 1961 saw the start of another presidential bunker for President John F. Kennedy in Florida, 10 minutes from the Palm Beach home where Kennedy often lived.

The hideout was known as the Detachment Hotel and cost $ 97,000 to build, according to a 1973 congressional report.

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