Video, diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel following a self-inspection of the ambassador of Tel Aviv

Israel, Turkey, A diplomatic crisis is looming between Ankara and Tel Aviv, where Israel summoned the Turkish official at the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv to a reprimand hearing at the Foreign Ministry headquarters on the background of the inspection of the Israeli ambassador Inan Nayeh as he left Turkey at Istanbul airport and to conduct a strict security check in the presence of Turkish media .

Israel's ambassador to Ankara, Eitan Nayeh, who was expelled from Turkey after the killing of a number of demonstrators in the Gaza Strip, was subjected to humiliating security checks at Istanbul airport and asked him during the security inspection to take off his shoes and coat.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the Israeli Foreign Ministry called on the Israeli media to document the arrival of the Turkish official to the ministry's office.

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A humiliating security inspection at the Istanbul airport of the Israeli ambassador in Turkey
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