America warns its citizens in Turkey

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Egyptian News Vision) The United States has issued warnings to its citizens in Turkey, especially those who visit tourist places, through e-mails sent by the US Embassy in Ankara to its citizens.

The newspaper "Cumhuriyet" that the US Embassy in Ankara, has sent an e-mail to its citizens in Turkey to warn of the possibility of terrorist attacks, stressing that the threat of extremist groups remained, noting the need to increase security measures during the holiday season.

The warning pointed out that the risk of operations inside Turkey by terrorist groups persists, especially in tourist areas, shopping malls, airports, nightclubs, restaurants, places of worship and places of foreign tourists.

The message of the United States to its citizens also included the need to be cautious when going to crowded places, taking security measures and attention to the surrounding environment and follow all the news and warnings published on the media.

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