Thursday, 04 June 2020

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An international blockade of Iran due to Corona Chinese President: The Corona crisis is the most serious health emergency in the country

An international blockade of Iran due to Corona

Capitals, agencies: - The international terror of the Corona virus has reached the point of besieging some countries, or closing borders, or stopping shipping and air lines, and it has reached its maximum level with Iran.

Kuwait has banned the entry of ships from Iran of all kinds to ports: (Shuaiba, Shuwaikh, and Doha) until further notice, after cases and deaths of the newly created Corona virus (Covid 19) were recorded there.

The Turkish Minister of Health also announced that Turkey will close its borders with Iran as a precaution to prevent the arrival of the new Corona virus, after Iran has registered 43 cases of the disease.

Pakistan announced the closure of its borders with Iran, fearing the spread of the new Corona virus after an outbreak of infection in a number of Iranian regions.

The Minister of the Interior of the government of Pakistan’s Balochistan province, which borders Iran, said that his country closed the borders with Iran temporarily to limit the spread of the Corona virus, adding that the government of Balochistan Province imposed a ban on transport traffic through border crossings with Iran, and the governments of the rest of the Pakistani provinces were informed to coordinate in this regard.

This comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that the new Corona virus crisis is still complex and dangerous in the country.

"Ping" pointed out that the effects of "Corona" on the Chinese economy and society are imperative and the government is trying to reduce them.

The Chinese president described the "Corona" crisis as the most serious health emergency in the country.


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