Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Bats are back in the Chinese market China is fighting a new virus

Bats are back in the Chinese market

China, Wuhan: - After the new Corona virus was released to the world and studies about its source baffled, while research says that it was discovered in 2015 by a strain of bats, life returned to China and bats returned to their markets.

The semblance of normal life returns cautiously to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak of the new Corona virus after a two-month quarantine. But the point of the global epidemic is now preparing to address a potential new threat: “imported” infections.

Travel restrictions were eased with the resumption of the Wuhan train station, while highways were reopened by lifting the unprecedented isolation that had kept more than 50 million people across Hubei Province at home. In Wuhan, where thousands of new infections were recorded daily at the height of the crisis, the number was zero.

But at a time when the United States, Europe and other regions are struggling to cope with the virus outbreak, China announces dozens of "imported" infections every day, prompting it to shift the focus of its prevention efforts to face the danger from abroad.

A study showed that the complete isolation imposed in Wuhan succeeded in containing the virus, but it warned against rushing to open the city.


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