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Saturday, 07 December 2019 18:33

Bolivia demands Israel the price of "friendship"

Bolivia demands Israel the price of "friendship" Bolivia demands Israel the price of "friendship"

After 11 years of diplomatic rupture, Bolivia has not renewed its relationship with Israel, except for the sake of harboring it against left-wing opponents of the government.

The Minister of the Interior of Bolivia announced that he is interested in receiving Israeli assistance in dealing with what he called "terrorists from the extreme left who wish to destabilize the country."

The statement was made by the Minister of the Interior of Bolivia to Reuters news agency, while he did not provide any additional information regarding the specific areas in which he would like to be obtained through assisting Israel.

But he said: The Bolivian police are investigating "left-wing leftists linked with the President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro and the local drug lords."

Since the escape of former Bolivian President Morales to Mexico, Bolivia has started to strengthen its religious right institutions, relations with the United States and renewed its relations with Israel. In contrast, hundreds of doctors and diplomats were expelled from Venezuela and Cuba.

Recently, Sucre and Tel Aviv relations have returned after 11 years of the diplomatic breakthrough, due to Operation Cast Lead.

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