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China or America, who made the new Corona virus? China accuses America of manufacturing the Coronavirus in 2015

China or America, who made the new Corona virus?

Egyptian News Vision: - While reports said that the new Corona virus was discovered in litter of the horseshoe breed in the bat, in the Chinese city of Yunnan in 2004, 1700 km from Wuhan, where the virus first appeared, but Beijing accused the United States of America of being involved in the virus industry in 2015.

These Chinese accusations were answered by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he demanded that China not publish misleading information about the emerging Corona virus.

A Chinese official in Beijing had spoken of a conspiracy theory indicating US involvement in the outbreak.

In a phone conversation with the Communist Party of China foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, Pompeo stressed that "the time is not right to spread misleading information and strange rumors, but rather because all nations unite their efforts to combat this common threat."

Earlier, Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, announced that there was evidence that the CIA had spread the virus in China.

The Chinese diplomat pointed out that there is evidence to confirm that the COVID-19 virus was created by American scientists in 2015.

It is reported that the United States provided China with all the information it possesses on the new Corona virus.

Chinese experts have discovered in the archive an article published in 2015 in the journal Nature Medicine, confirming that US scientists have been able to obtain a new type of corona virus, which has a direct impact on humans.

The author of the article maintains that the source virus for COVID-19 was the SHC014 virus, which was found in bats, and on the basis of it, a "chimeric virus" (a virus that possesses two or more groups of genetically distinct cells and tissues), is adapted to the human body.


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