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Corona, clinical tests on CBG Horrifying international statistics for virus corona in a number of countries

Corona, clinical tests on CBG

Egyptian news vision, Capitals, Agencies: - In the search for a cure for the emerging corona virus, researchers from four countries began to start clinical trials to ensure that a 100-year-old vaccine against tuberculosis could be effective in preventing the "Covid 19" virus.

According to the journal "Science", the vaccine used against tuberculosis, which is a bacterial disease, may be able to increase the immunity of humans greatly until it is able to fight the virus that causes "Covid 19", or that the vaccine will prevent infection.

A vaccine against tuberculosis was used because the Corona virus causes severe damage to the human respiratory system, or causes pneumonia in more severe cases.

A science team from the Netherlands starts the first of these experiments later, and will include 1,000 health care workers.

Participants in this experiment take a sample of a vaccine known in the medical environment as "CBG" and is originally used to prevent tuberculosis.

This comes as news comes from the capitals of the world about the number of new coronavirus infections as follows: -

In Britain, the highest death rate was recorded in one day, after 87 people were killed, bringing the number of disease victims in the UK to 442 cases, including 83 deaths in England, while the number of injuries rose to 8077 cases, an increase of 1427.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a package of new measures to combat the spread of the virus, including preventing gatherings in public places for more than two people, closing all stores except those that provide health and necessary services, and directing citizens not to leave their homes except for necessity.

In Italy, 743 people died within 24 hours across the country due to the emerging Corona virus, bringing the country's total death toll to 6,820. She said that the number of injured in all of Italy rose to 69,176 injured, of whom 8,326 were cured.

In the UAE, the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the detection of 50 new cases of the newly created "Corona" virus (Covid-19) from different nationalities that were monitored through early and active and continuous investigation, and by examining those who had contact with previously announced infections and related cases.

To travel abroad, bringing the number of diagnosed cases to 248.

The ministry added that 4 new cases of people infected with the "Corona" virus have been cured and fully recovered from the symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care, thus bringing the total of healing cases to 45 cases.

In Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that every 10-12 minutes, one person in the country dies, as a result of infection with the emerging coronavirus.

The ministry's spokesman, Kyanosh Jahanpur, said that the death rate due to the Corona virus in the capital, Tehran, has increased by 13% during the recent period, according to (RT).

The latest data showed, "Johns Hopkins University" American high number of people infected with Coronavirus around the world to 381 thousand, and deaths to 16 thousand and 508 people in different countries of the world.


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