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Sunday, 22 March 2020 19:31

Corona hits the highest place in Germany

And closes the largest supermarket in Britain And closes the largest supermarket in Britain

Egyptian news vision, Capitals, agencies: - The new virus, Covid 19, has continued to invade the world, in many major countries, and it has not escaped even senior politicians.

A spokesperson for the German Chancellor announced that Angela Merkel is infected with Corona and has entered sanitary isolation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had contacted a doctor who was infected with the Corona virus.

The German government plans to unveil an 822 billion euro economic rescue plan, the largest in Germany since World War II, to finance the fight against the emerging Corona virus.

In Britain, the Harroys store, owned by the State of Qatar, cleared many sections of the goods due to the spread of the Corona virus, which affected the working hours of the shop, and consequently, the working hours in the departments of the store were reduced due to the low turnout.

Harrods is a department store located in "Brompton Road" in the Knightsburg neighborhood in the British capital, London.

In Greece, the authorities announced a curfew, while the city of "Wuhan", the heartland of the Coruna virus, had not reported any new cases in the past days for the first time since the outbreak of this outbreak. In this way,

Wuhan gives hope to the rest of the world that the situation, however cruel and dangerous, can be reversed.

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