Corona is an American biological intelligence weapon

There was a lot of talk in the media circles about the source of the new corona virus, "Wuhan", and many said that it was an American biological intelligence weapon, which the CIA was keen to spread in the world, especially in China.

Others said that it was China that was preparing it and leaking its factories to people.

According to the magazine "National Interest", the speculation about the source of "Corona" took geopolitical dimensions, as political commentators in Russia suggested that the virus is an "American biological weapon" targeting Moscow and Beijing.

But the magazine pointed out that the statements of Russian officials showed a remarkable degree of wisdom, as President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin contented themselves with expressing sympathy for the victims and offering help to the Chinese government.

And the Russian website "Zvezda", which is funded by the Ministry of Defense, published an article under the title "Corona Virus: The American Biological War against Russia and China".

The article begins by showing some of the losses suffered by the Chinese economy because of "Corona"; to support his evidence on the "American conspiracy", adding: "This aims to weaken Beijing in the next round of trade negotiations with Washington."

Next, the article reviews the debate about Russian suspicions about the existence of American biological research laboratories in a number of countries, such as Georgia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, despite America signing the Geneva Convention on Biological Weapons in 1975.

She added: "These laboratories are hiding a malicious intent behind them, especially after the spread of reports that the American biological laboratory in Georgia has tested biological weapons killers of Georgian citizens."

For his part, the leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said in a statement to a radio station in Moscow that "Corona" is a virus behind which the Pentagon is assisting with pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of "creating local epidemics that can destroy a select group of the population without spreading to other countries."

The same was stated by politician Igor Nikulin, to a number of media platforms, who said that Wuhan's choice to publish "Corona" was because of its embrace of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which provides the Pentagon and US intelligence with a comfortable cover for their biological experiments.

And he added: "The aforementioned American laboratories collect and process the genetic material of the Russian and Chinese population in order to develop an ethnically identified virus that targets only certain peoples."

Russian military expert Viktor Baranets agrees, saying that biological warfare has become a new weapon "that the United States is using to outperform its major opponents."

There is no scientific evidence for the validity of these perceptions, and the spread of the virus around the world makes it difficult to believe that it was made specifically to target a particular country.

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