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Egypt's concerns and the army in Tunisia

Prime Minister of Iceland and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Prime Minister of Iceland and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Egyptian news vision, Capitals, agencies: - Negative and positive, news is coming from all over the world about the new Corona virus, as 19, as a result, fears in Egypt about reaching Italy's fate, and terror in Tunisia of the same fate, and the search for a vaccine continues.

In Sudan, the ruling Member of the Sovereign Council, Siddig Tower, stated that Sudan will impose a curfew nationwide from eight in the evening until six in the morning (local time) daily, to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

"Tower" told official television that Sudan would also stop bus trips between cities and states from Thursday at 6 pm local time, according to "Reuters".

In Iceland, Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdottir entered a self-quarantine, after a case of a newly infected Corona virus was discovered at the school of her youngest son.

Iceland has registered more than 580 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including one for a parliamentarian and an official at the Ministry of Environment.

In Egypt, Representative of the House of Representatives, Suleiman Wahdan, called for the necessity of imposing a curfew in Egypt due to the lack of commitment of citizens to stay at home to face the crisis of the Coronavirus.

In Tunisia, a Ministry of Health official announced that the country had entered the third stage of the virus outbreak, and the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, has ordered to send army units to further impose a comprehensive health embargo on citizens.

The Ministry of Health also announced the cancellation of the press points that were organized daily, and only television reports to announce the latest developments on the spread of the Corona virus.

In Britain, Prime Minister's spokesman, Boris Johnson, said that authorities will examine available information to assess the extent to which Britons adhere to the guidelines for avoiding social gatherings and unnecessary communication to see if they need more restrictions to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

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