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End of the new coronavirus British optimism and American pessimism

End of the new coronavirus

Egyptian News Vision: While many governments are waiting for major countries to find a Coronavirus vaccine, the news comes from there, disappointing, and sometimes cautiously optimistic.

Although these countries have started to regain their activity in some sectors, other strategic sectors have limited the return of activity in them to urgent, confirmed, and critical tasks.

While waiting for the medicine, the second largest country in the world in terms of deaths from the new Corona virus, may soon reach "zero infection," according to one of the scientists there.

Professor Karl Hinegan, director of the Evidence Based Medicine Center at the University of Oxford, said the daily death toll from Covid-19 had been reduced to "almost zero" by the end of June 2020.

"I think that by the end of June we will find it difficult to find people with this disease, if current trends continue," the number of infections continues to decline, the newspaper "Daily Mail" quoted Henigan as saying. Henigan's comments coincided with a decrease in the number of deaths related to the new Coronavirus in England and Wales for the third week in a row, giving new hope that the epidemic is about to disappear. British optimism coincides with a pessimistic outlook for America, ed.

Task & Purpose quotes an internal memo prepared for US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, that all indications confirm that the Pentagon will be forced to do business in the coming months amid the steady spread of the virus that causes Covid's disease - 19 "in the world.

According to the projections of the document, no vaccine or effective treatment for the virus was developed until at least the summer of 2021, and new waves of the epidemic are likely to occur in some areas, while medical tests do not provide the full conviction of the absence of the virus in specific areas.

A Pentagon spokeswoman said that the document was outdated, while a defense ministry official told the site that the memo had not yet been issued, and a series of amendments had been made to it before it was adopted.

This memo looks even more pessimistic compared to public statements by senior administration officials, including Defense Secretary Esber himself, who has pledged that until the end of the fall the Pentagon will launch a widespread vaccine against Corona within the United States and its partner countries.


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