Thursday, 09 July 2020

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European countries most affected by the Corona virus The beginning of the breakthrough

European countries most affected by the Corona virus

Egyptian News Vision, agencies: - European countries are preparing to get out of the sanitary isolation imposed on the world by the new Corona virus, and among these countries: Switzerland, Spain, America, Britain and Italy, which are the most affected.

In Switzerland, the doors of its stores, visiting hairdressers, physiotherapists, doctors, massage parlors, flower shops and garden equipment, as well as nurseries, were allowed to resume their activities provided that the sanitary measures imposed were respected.

In Spain, children were allowed out of their homes after six weeks of stone and play outside, but amid restrictions imposed a lack of convergence.

In London, the prime minister who was infected with the virus, has returned to work, in a step that the British are awaiting, to learn about the projects of their prime minister on supporting the economy and getting out of isolation.

The Spanish government, in turn, is presenting its plan to ease the isolation measures, which has been extended until May 9, and is expected to start implementation in the middle of next month. In Italy, the measures it plans to take are expected to be announced from May 4, but schools in this country remain closed until September.

As of May 4, the Italian government also intends to start a blood serum test campaign, involving 150,000 people nationwide, although the World Health Organization has dashed the hopes of those who depend on former immunized Coronavirus immunization to prevent them from re-infection, which may facilitate exits from isolation.

By issuing "immunological certificates".


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