Haftar in the Elysee and Erdogan at the door of Putin

March 09, 2020
Putin humiliates Erdogan, and Macron receives Hifter Putin humiliates Erdogan, and Macron receives Hifter Source de l'image: - google

Russia, France, agencies: Before the summit meeting between the Russian and Turkish presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had been in the waiting room for a long time, he and his companions, before being allowed to enter the meeting with Vladimir Putin.

According to the recording published by the government news agency "Russia 1", and the Kremlin did not comment on it, Putin appeared in the meeting room alone, while Erdogan remained in the waiting room with his large delegation, for minutes, without allowing them to enter.

After a period of waiting, Erdogan decided to sit down to rest, while Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşo remained waiting, before Russian officials authorized the Turkish president to enter the meeting.

The government agency released the full video, since Putin attended the meeting hall, and the Turkish delegation was waiting in the waiting room, until Erdogan entered and met with Putin.

The agency titled the video on its page: "Erdogan is waiting for Putin under the picture of Suvorov", a painting of a famous leader in the Russian Empire, and he fought several wars against the Ottomans and won between 1774 and 1786.

This comes while French President Emmanuel Macron and senior French officials received Commander of the Libyan National Army Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter in the capital, Paris, at the Elysee Palace, at the official invitation of Macron, to discuss the latest developments in the fight against terrorism and the file of illegal immigration.

And the French presidency organized an official reception in the presence of the French President, the Chief of Staff of the French Army, the Defense and Interior Ministers of the French government, and a number of the French Army's military leaders.

The French President praised the pivotal role played by the Libyan army in supporting counter-terrorism operations, stressing "its full support" for those efforts to achieve stability in the entire region.

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