Signs of the war on the average among the Libyans, at the instigation of Turkey

LIBYA, TURKEY - The war signals that Turkey wants to ignite in the waters of the Mediterranean started to appear on the horizon, where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a memorandum to send Turkish forces to Libya, and the memo was delivered to the Turkish parliament.

The Turkish Parliament Speaker called the General Assembly to a meeting to discuss the mandate to send soldiers to Libya.

A war between the Libyans, in which Ankara is trying to achieve behind it several goals, the first of which is striking stability and unity between East and West, the second is the restoration of spirit to armed militias, which is the military wing of Islamic organizations, in all their partisan names, putting forces in the waters of the Mediterranean to find a share of the Cyprus gas fields .

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlod Cawushoglu has said that a memorandum of authorization to send soldiers to Libya will be sent to parliament, indicating the signature of Erdogan, and the memorandum states that within the framework of a security and military cooperation agreement signed with the National Accord Government (Al-Saraj Front) in Libya and Libya's need for education services The solidarity necessary to form a disciplined, highly skilled, and educated army due to the need to combat the threats to which it is exposed, the Libyan National Accord government submitted a request for military support from Turkey to combat threats, as described in the memo.

And the memo submitted to the parliament continued, "In light of the above, we offer you to send Turkish armed forces if necessary outside the borders of Turkey to a foreign country to take the necessary measures, against the threat and security risks directed to Turkish interests."

In the first official recognition from Turkey of sending mercenaries and militants from Syria to fight in Libya, whom Turkey recruited to fight alongside militias supporting the Fayez al-Sarraj government in the city of Tripoli, four Turkish sources said that Turkey was considering sending Syrian fighters allied with it to Libya, as part of its planned military support for the government Tripoli led by Fayez al-Sarraj.

A senior Turkish official told Reuters: "Turkey is not currently sending (fighters from the Syrian opposition) to Libya, but an assessment is being prepared and meetings are being held in this regard, and there is a desire to move forward in this direction."

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