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Speaker of the US House accuses Trump of tearing the country apart The American president raises the gospel

Speaker of the US House accuses Trump of tearing the country apart

Egyptian News Vision // US President Donald Trump accused the governor of New York of causing the fall of the American capital in the hands of "mobs", "thieves", "thugs" and the radical left, as he put it during a press conference, in which he ordered the forces to control the streets.

Following this press conference, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer issued a joint press statement in response to what US President Donald Trump said.

The joint statement said: "The Americans are protesting across our country to put an end to the pattern of racial injustice and brutality that we saw recently in the killing of George Floyd ... However, at a time when our country demands unification, this president is tearing it apart ... with tear gas without provocation only until even The president can take pictures outside a church that distorts every value that teaches us its faith. "

"We call on the president, law enforcement, and all those responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of all Americans ... Together, we must insist on the fact that America must do much more to fulfill its promise: the promise of freedom and justice for all, which many have sacrificed - from Dr. King To John Lewis, to the peaceful demonstrators, on the streets today. "

"At this difficult time, our nation needs real leadership ... The president's constant fanaticism of the flames of discord, intolerance, and violence is cowardly, weak, and dangerous," the statement continued.

According to American media, President Donald Trump ended his speech at the Rose Garden, after which National Guard forces pushed the protesters away from the beginning of Lafayette Square outside the White House, and the police used tear gas and grenades so that Trump could visit St. John's Church nearby Damaged by the protests.

The president stood in front of the church until pictures of him carrying the Bible were taken, after the police dispersed the peaceful demonstrators, and Trump walked on his way to return to the White House minutes later.

Priest Marian Edgar Bad, whose church is affiliated with his diocese, commented on Trump's visit and said, "She got angry because Trump went to church after threatening to use military force."

The priest said, The President used the Bible, the most sacred text of the Christian-Jewish tradition, and one of its diocese churches without even being asked, as a background to a message hostile to the teachings of Jesus and everything our Church stands to defend.


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