China, Yunnan Province, Egyptian News Vision: - As the world lives in the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and thousands of victims fall, a new virus has emerged, the symptoms of which are the same as those of Covid 19, and have killed one person in China, specifically in Yunnan Province.

The new virus is named Hanta, and the Chinese authorities have announced the first death of the Hanta virus, and that the infected person lost his life on a bus while he was traveling from Yunnan Province to Shandong Province.

The Hanta virus, according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, are negative-directional RNA viruses from the bathing family.

Rodents are often the cause of these viruses, but they do not cause disease.

As for humans, they become infected through the urine of the rodents, their saliva or their faeces.

Some strains of Henta viruses can cause killer diseases in humans, such as hemorrhagic fever accompanied by nephrotic syndrome, and lung infection, and other types are not known to be associated with any disease in humans.

Henta virus infection is linked to human exposure to rodents, but human-to-human infection has been recorded in South America with the Andean virus.

The name Hanta Virus is taken from the name Hentan River in South Korea, where its early spread is noted there.

After the death of the first person with the Hanta virus, the Chinese authorities subjected 31 people on the bus to a medical examination.

Reports confirmed that the symptoms of the Hanta virus are somewhat similar to those of the Corona virus, which includes fever, headache, abdominal pain, and others.

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