Monday, 28 September 2020

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A battle inside the Taiwan Parliament .. Video

Egyptian News Vision: - A battle took place between Taiwan parliamentarians, and they appeared in videos exchanging kicks and punches, while some opposition MPs tore up the ballot papers to vote, and some of them reached the point of breaking the polls themselves.

The clash occurred because of the nomination by Parliament Speaker Cai Ing-Win, a prominent aide to her senior oversight position, which the opposition considered "favoritism."

About 100 NDP supporters clashed with the police, and some tried to break through the barriers, demanding the Progressive Democratic Party to withdraw the candidacy.

A number of KMT lawmakers "the National Party of China" uprooted white voting booths in the parliament chamber, to prevent the ruling Progressive Democratic Party deputies from voting for the nomination.

The opposition Chinese National Party launched a strong campaign against Chen Chu's candidacy for the chairmanship of the "Taiwan Yuan Control Commission", an independent government watchdog in Taiwan.

The party had held a sit-in in the main parliament hall for three days in an attempt to prevent Chen from taking office, and clashes erupted between the two parties during the past days.

The opposition National Party accused the Democratic Party of cheating in part of the nomination vote this week.

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