Thursday, 09 July 2020

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Video clip of Dominique Hourani, she thought of her while she was sleeping

Egyptian News Vision // The Lebanese artist, Dominique Hourani, released a video clip for the song "Bass Taa", which was filmed in only 5 days, in 4 different countries.

The song is written by Fadi Asaad while in Jeddah, distributed by musician Fadi Al-Sayyid while in Dubai, and Mexring Elie Saba during his stay in Beirut, edited by Fouad El-Sayed while in Barcelona, ​​and supervised by Jean Mitri.

In a media statement, Dominique Hourani said: The idea of ​​the song came to her asleep, and I presented it to the author Fadi Asaad, and indeed he wrote it very well, although I am not completely satisfied with something in the clip due to the montage, but the reactions made me happy after the success of the song.

She continued, that the song talks about love in the time of Corona and the inability to see the lover because of the home stone, after the spread of the new Corona virus, and I photographed the clip inside my house, via my mobile phone, in line with the social divergence within the precautionary measures to confront the emerging Corona virus.


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