Temptation summit, Tunisian Iman Amiri claimed to be the Mahdi - vision
Temptation summit, Tunisian Iman Amiri claimed to be the Mahdi Temptation summit, Tunisian Iman Amiri claimed to be the Mahdi

Temptation summit, Tunisian Iman Amiri claimed to be the Mahdi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Tunisian artist Eman Amiri, star of the Star Academy, the summit of seduction and femininity, claimed to be the Mahdi through video and audio publications on Instagram.

Iman al-Amiri said she received a message in a dream telling her that she was the expected Mahdi, and because of what she saw she could not sleep for three days, noting that she had a task to do.

Until Iman al-Amiri confirmed her claims to the public, she went out to them in a video message claiming that she was the Mahdi, and that she was not taking any narcotic drugs in full consciousness.

Who is Iman al-Amiri "Mahdi waiting"

- Iman Amiri is a Tunisian artist who gained her fame in the Arab world through her participation in the fifth season of the talent show "Star Academy" in 2008.

- The father of Iman al-Amiri, a small and remained in the confines of her mother and brothers, and despite joining the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Tunis Manar, has been dreaming to be a famous star.

- Iman al-Amiri moved to Dubai and returned to the scene with bold images that reveal the radical changes in her form, which led many to salute. She underwent cosmetic surgery.

She looked very different from her artistic beginnings after she got sculpted and blonde hair to be likened to a television star Reality Kim Kardashian.

- Iman al-Amiri continued to move between Cairo and Dubai, in order to release individual songs from time to time.

- Iman al-Amiri decided to participate in the fifth season of "Star Academy", but her fiancé rejected the idea completely and her good between continuing their relationship or progress to the program, she chose her dream to become an artist and have been broken engagement.

- Iman Al-Amiri did not have the chance to star in Star Academy. She left the program from an early stage, disappeared from sight for several years and then went back to make her way into the world of art by releasing a song entitled "From Time" and a video clip entitled "In My Life" in 2013.

- Iman Al Amiri, the world of presentation, has moved into the forefront of conferences, including the Tunisian Business Council in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in December 2017.

- Her latest participation was Iman Al Amiri in the art world, her acting experience, through participation in the film "Khatib Marathi" with the artist Ahmed Saad and the artist Reem Baroudi, which is currently being shown in theaters.

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