Dana Jabr's pictures top the search engines

August 31, 2020
Syrian actress Dana Jabr is in the trend Syrian actress Dana Jabr is in the trend Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Vision Egyptian News: - The pornographic image of the Syrian artist, Dana Jaber, was the most searched on Google during the past hours, after a video of her was leaked during the home quarantine period and appeared in it in underwear.

The pornography of Dana Jabr is anonymous while there were pictures showing her elegance, femininity and beauty.

Dana Jaber's office said that this video is an attempt to blackmail and discredit her clearly and explicitly, by publishing private photos of her on social media.

The Syrian artist added: All of her photos are published and are very old and purely personal photos that are not suitable for circulation or publication, and some of them are subjected to distortion and installation operations, i.e. Photoshop operations.

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