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Miss Brunettes,Hasna Farah rejects beauty contests Miss Brunettes,Hasna Farah rejects beauty contests

Miss Brunettes,Hasna Farah rejects beauty contests

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Moroccan star and the queen of Arab brunettes, Hasna Farah said that she completely rejects the idea of ​​repeating participation in beauty competitions at the level of the Arab world after news spread about the possibility of re-entry competitions beauty queens.

She pointed out that the experience was fruitful and enjoyable at the time, but there are other goals intended to reach the level of fashion and accessories after the establishment of a brand bearing the initials of its name "HF".

Hasna Farah attacked some beauty contests in the Arab world and pointed out that some authorities are monopolizing the queens for a whole year from the contracts being edited to surround the winner of the first title and to benefit from it, advertising, material and media.

She explained that she basically rejects the idea of ​​exclusive work and monopoly and believes in openness.

She said: If I signed a contract with the party that made my election, it was specific and non-spread according to the image I dreamed of.

Hasna Farah pointed out that there is an idea currently being studied about a television program for an Arab satellite channel that deals with women's beauty, fashion and the latest shouts.

She confirmed that the move is new but that she is interested in it and may be in the next stage.


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