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How to get rid of belly fat

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- To get rid of belly fat you may not need to go to the gyms, diet expert, Terry Ann Nans Here are some foods that everyone should avoid, if he wants to fight those fats:

Meat Processing:

Replace meat made with oily fish, as meat is saturated with fat and causes bloating. In contrast, foods rich in omega-3 contain unsaturated fats that help reduce weight.

Potato Chips:

These foods contain an unhealthy amount of useless fats, along with a high proportion of salt, and can be replaced with fresh fruit or unsalted nuts.

Soft drinks:

Soft drinks can cause bloating in the stomach, where many previous studies link the consumption of soft drinks and increased waist circumference.

Desserts, cakes and biscuits:

This type of food is full of salt, sugar and fat, so experts stress the need to avoid, and eat baked goods and pastries.

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