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Between Russia and Malaysia, beauty queen Oksana, and her son from the king are in danger Between Russia and Malaysia, beauty queen Oksana, and her son from the king are in danger

Between Russia and Malaysia, beauty queen Oksana, and her son from the king are in danger

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Egyptian News Vision) The Russian beauty queen, Oksana Vovodina, is in danger of being threatened by her and her son, a former Malaysian king, Mohammed V.

Her attempts to prove the descent of her six-month-old son, Leon, led to moves led by Mongolians to get rid of them, so she resorted to protecting her country, now living in Russia, under state protection.

Oksana, 27, said she moved from her home in the Russian capital to another city because she feared for her child's life.

She said she was asked to withdraw a lawsuit to prove the child's paternity, stop her legal movements for alimony, and stop talking to the media.

She added that there were recently summoned her, to a meeting in a restaurant in Moscow, by "an unknown woman" contacted through her father, the Russian surgeon, did not attend Oksana herself, but sent a friend claiming to have recorded a conversation of 40 minutes.

The former beauty queen's friend was warned that Oksana should think carefully about what she was doing, noting that she was not right to continue talking to the media.

The woman was concerned that the scandal was being discussed not only in Russia and Malaysia, but elsewhere, including Geneva, where the Sultan was a regular visitor there.

The woman alleges that she was told that Oksana had many secret enemies, so she must withdraw her case from the court, reduce her expenses, and earn some time; the boy's life depends on it. She told her the text: "There are people very interested in this child, which is very young and unprotected, I have information that he is in danger, and the situation is escalating ....".

“I hope for help and protection from law enforcement and the state,” the former beauty queen said, calling for an investigation into “threats” and “appropriate measures” to be taken.

She added: "I do not know where the threats come from, and I really hope to protect law enforcement agencies and the state."

The alleged threats come amid a highly intense dispute following the divorce between the former king, Sultan Mehmet V of Kelantan, 50, and the Russian model.

Oksana has repeatedly spoken with the British Daily Mail to present her argument that her child was born during her marriage to the Malaysian king, who was later disposed of.

Oksana and Mohammed V were married at a secret Islamic ceremony in Malaysia in 2018.

At that time, the Sultan was the Malaysian king and head of state, and in January the Sultan suddenly abdicated.

Sources say they separated shortly after the marriage, and her lawyers denied a divorce, but King Mohammed V's lawyer insisted she got her divorce according to Islamic law, which my father completed on July 1.

There was news that questioned his son's lineage, where the king's lawyer said: "There is no objective evidence yet that Mohammed V is the biological father of the child."

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