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Sana Kasuri leaves the flight and landing backpacker Egyptian drama Sana Kasouri is a beautician who has gone without flying to look at the stars

Sana Kasuri leaves the flight and landing backpacker Egyptian drama

Moroccan beauty expert Sana Kassouri continues to shine in the artistic circles in Egypt and the Arab world.

After casting her touch on the look of Miss Egypt Dala Al Mohandes and Miss Middle East Moroccan Ahlam Hajji, she shone in Egypt from the gate of the strongest series, where she dealt with the Egyptian star Mohamed Ragab through the series `` question mark '', thanks to the support of the well-known beauty expert. ''

Tamer Dahab, who gave her the opportunity to work in the series and gave her a helping hand and gave her from his experience and skill a lot, besides that `` Sana Kasuri '' dealt with senior stars, including the Egyptian star `` Zeina '' and the singer `` Rana Samaha '' .

She studied cosmetics in various disciplines in Saudi Arabia, before participating in training courses under the supervision of senior cosmetic experts including: Noura Abu Awad, Hanan Najada, Hind Al-Jaber and Samer Al-Khuzami, as well.

She made her debut with Egyptian star Zeina, who heavily supported her in the beginning and believed in her talent and efficiency, before she was impressed by the charming touch that made her one of the most urgently needed names by the brightest stars in Egypt and the Arab world.

Moroccan Sanaa Kasouri is considering officially settling in Egypt, continuing her journey of success and excellence

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