Serbian tennis star, Ana Ivanovic, "Trump" seen as the most beautiful in the world

November 14, 2016

"Womanizer," as the scrotum some women who appeared in during his campaign, and said that he molested them, Ronald Trump, the new US president, spoke about tennis star Ana Ivanovic 0.3 years ago, and described the most beautiful woman in the world, when he was an economic position in the Serbian government, and he met her in 2014, and took souvenir photos with her.

Photos, Serbian tennis star, Ana Ivanovic

Serbian Ana Ivanovic, seeded 65th in the world in tennis, one of the most beautiful stars of tennis in the world, and participated in many of the major tennis tournaments, and won the French Open in 2008, and reached the final round of the Australian Open in the same year, and reached the semifinals of the Wimbledon in 2007.

Serbian tennis star, its relationship with the German Astaan ​​Chweinesthaeger star of Manchester United, began in 2014, and used both of them to support the other during the competition, and the story Ashgahma an interview with European newspapers over the past two years.

German star announced his sermon of Serbian tennis star, in July 2015, and announced their marriage, in the mythical wedding in Venice during the Italian last July, after the European Championship "Euro 2016".

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