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Tunis, The Regions Days, Medenine in the City of Culture Tunis, The Regions Days, Medenine in the City of Culture

Tunis, The Regions Days, Medenine in the City of Culture

Tunis, The program “The Regions Days: The Cities of Arts in the City of Culture” continues and offers to all the regions, with no exclusion, the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of their heritage through the great spaces of the prestigious City of Culture.

It was in presence of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs that City of Culture hosted on Friday April 12, 2019 starting from 14:00, the region of Medenine which unfolded the priceless treasures of its heritage that it preserved from generation to generation.

With its mountainous villages, its vast plains and blue coastlines, Medenine remains one of the best destinations in our country.

Medenine, the region of El Ksour, Ghorfas and the popular poems has fascinated the great audience of the City through a rich program full of cultural expressions that was inaugurated at the main entrance of the City from the Mohamed V Avenue with the performance of traditional dances and songs.

The main hall of the City hosted also several exhibitions around several themes including exhibitions about the most known sites and monuments, handicrafts, plastic arts, books and the celebrities of the region with exhibitions about the traditional foods, tourism, aromatic plants, traditional clothes in addition to an exhibition about the agricultural products of the region.

The region of Medenine presented also on this occasion the traditional wedding ceremony of the region and offered to see also some wood reproductions and the famous Ksour which were placed in the main and in the lower hall of the City.

Zarzis and Djerba were also present through their heritage including traditional fishing, weaving, pottery and many other local identity components.

The program also offered a show animated by the troupe Ouled Jouini, with a modern urban dance show performed by a group of teenagers from the region.

The Theater of Young Creators also hosted the theatrical play of Khaled Lamloumi "The Revolutions of the Newborns" produced by the Center for Dramatic and Scenic Arts in Medenine.

Performed by Hamza Khalfallah and Hamza Ben Oun. The day of Medenine at the City of Culture was ended at the Theater of Regions with the musical show "Voices and Rhythms" presented in two parts.

The first part of this show was directed by Zied M'nifi and offered to the audience of the City a show by a group of female voices with popular songs and very beautiful poems celebrating the rich heritage of Medenine.

The second part of the show was dedicated to "Bambar" by the Troupe "Founoun Al Jazira" with the participation of the artist Habib Jebali and his son Habib Junior who performed the most beautiful songs of Djerba including "Aini Rahet Khial" "Acchat Wannesma "and so many other pearls from this wonderful region of the Tunisian south.

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