Adapted From Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ Masterpiece Lagoonie Film Production Is Remaking Anf w Thalath Oyoun

March 29, 2021

Lagoonie Film Production has announced its cooperation with Art Factory for Entertainment and Production to remake the classic film Anf w Thalath Oyoun (A Nose and Three Eyes), based on great Egyptian author Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ masterpiece.

The remake stars Khaled Elsawy and written by well-known screenwriter Tamer Habib, who previously wrote La Tottfe' Al Shams TV series that is also based on Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ novel.

In his interview on NRJ Radio's program Lail Dakhly, Tamer Habib said, “I will rewrite the film in a completely different style than the original film and I will present some events from a new perspective.

This novel is very dear to my heart as it’s the first novel I’ve ever read, besides, Ihsan Abdel Quddous is among the few Egyptian writers whose novels were adapted into films and TV series for the smoothness and simplicity of his writing style and the strong dramatic elements in his writings.”

Anf w Thalath Oyoun novel follows Doctor Hashim, who starts romantic relationships with three women. Facing difficult confrontations, these relationships create many struggles that are not easy to overcome.

The novel was adapted into a film by director Hussein Kamal in 1972, starring Mahmoud Yassine, Magdah, Naglaa Fathi, and Mervat Amin. It was also adapted into a TV series by director Nour El-Demerdash in 1980, starring Kamal El-Shinnawi, Yousra, Laila Eloui and Magda El-Khatib.

Lagoonie Film Production is an Egyptian production company established in October, 2017.

The company has become popular since its first production, Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en TV series. A year later, Lagoonie co-produced the short film, Fork and Knife, starring Menna Shalaby and Eyad Nassar.

The company recently released the trailer of its latest production Ras El Sana by director Mohamed Sakr and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzy.

Lagoonie is currently producing the film Barra El Manhag by director Amr Salama and starring Maged El Kedwany, in addition to A'az el Weld starring Mervat Amin, Dalal Abdel Aziz and Sherine, and the much-awaited The Man of the Impossible by brilliant director Marwan Hamed, which is based on one of the most popular pocket-sized novels by author Nabil Farouk.

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