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Can you draw with your eyes and eyebrows, artificial intelligence did it

Sunday, 27 June 2021
Artificial intelligence draws letters with signs of eyes and eyebrows Artificial intelligence draws letters with signs of eyes and eyebrows

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In the calligraphy and writing exhibition that was held at the National Museum in Riyadh and organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, the “Al-Ain Calligrapher Studio” experiment granted the eye and the eyebrow the freedom to write in Arabic calligraphy through artificial intelligence.

This is a new version of the "Calling Eye Studio - Constellation of Letters" device by artist Michel Pizan, which is one of the devices capable of exploring the roots of calligraphy and its deep mechanisms, by connecting the eyebrows with robotic arms equipped with ink feathers, to produce calligraphy using the movement of the eyes.

Next to the calligrapher studio, the exhibition presents a fascinating visual account of the course of Arabic calligraphy throughout the history of Arab civilization, starting with the discovery of the history of the Nabataean Arabic inscriptions used before the adoption of the Arabic language in the Arabian Peninsula, and what remained of them in the paintings and thresholds inscribed with Dadanian and Nabataean scripts, through to works For living masters of Arabic calligraphy, and examples of the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy in textiles, ceramics, wood, jewelry and metals in an extension of the initiative of the Year of Arabic Calligraphy 2021, through which the Saudi Ministry of Culture highlights the cultural value of this art.

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