"Oxygen" ... a journey of the mind that searches for existence without memories

May 24, 2021
"Oxygen" ... by French-French director Alexandre Agen ... a journey of the mind that searches for existence without memories "Oxygen" ... by French-French director Alexandre Agen ... a journey of the mind that searches for existence without memories

Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The movie "Oxygen" ... by the French-French director Alexandre Agen, on the Netflix website, tells the story of the struggle to survive until the last breath, and it is one of the works that relies on one hero, which is the young woman "Liz" who finds herself after awakening from a deep slumber and alone inside Space capsule, what happened?

"Oxygen" is the fourth work of fiction by French-French director Alexandre Agen, director of photography Maxime Alexander, and editor Stephanie Roche.

This movie, made with great care and craftsmanship, is led from beginning to end by one character, "Liz Hansen" (actress Melanie Lauron), who begins the first scenes of her trying to come out of a thick membrane that completely envelops her and is barely able to get her face out to breathe, but she will be tied and lying down Somewhere surrounded by screens and digital data.

She simply does not remember nor know who she is. And why is it confined this way in that sophisticated digital box, or that digital booth? What confusion, any panic, and the first thing that will shock her is that there is not much oxygen left to keep her alive, and that her only way is to have a conversation with a sonic robot, Leo, but he is unable to answer all her questions.

The director, and before him the screenwriter, Christy LeBlanc succeeds in pushing us into that intertwining of the elaborate narrative construction, based on the idea of ​​solving the mystery of an unknown self-existence surrounded by many questions, especially since the robot "Leo" will reveal the images of "Liz" in different stages of Her life, and thus we are drowning in various possibilities related to the fate of Liz, was she kidnapped, and this is what she thought at first glance? Is it underground? Is she a captive of a conspiracy? All this and others the robot is unable to provide an answer for.

However, he will coordinate her with a police investigator over the phone and promise to search for her whereabouts.

The film succeeds in sending a state of tension and suspense to the viewer, despite only one filming location and one actress.

With the countdown to the lack of oxygen, the character will become more and more aggravated, as she searches for a way out to answer her questions, and during that she pulls out many thin plastic wires and tubes that connect to her body, and then the first images that will move her memory are the pictures of her husband and her memories with him, as well as Lab rats receive awards for their scientific specialization in experiments that freeze the body to cause changes in it.

And within the framework of controlling the path of the film narration, the character will reinforce the reasons for proceeding in this mysterious drama, after the first half of the film in which the quality of the performance of the brilliant actress Melanie Lauron escalated, as we approach the truth of who Liz is, that she lost her husband years ago and her memory regains his image, which is He has a skin disease and is dying to finally die. In fact, he did not die, but was sent on a mission through space.

The idea is to subject the body to a state of complete hibernation and hypnotism by linking it with sensors and nutrients for several years until reaching the target planet, and that Liz is nothing but a cloned creature from the original Liz, a respected global researcher who reached the ragged age and sent herself in another image, retreating It has time to the young years.

All these variations in time and its manipulation, accompanied by successive images that charge and move the memory, as well as the mother's voice and other sounds, to discover the reality of her abstract and inevitable existence that she is cut off from her truth and herself to another self, which is an improved version only.

In parallel, place is a particularly important element in this escalating drama, as the character is captive to the one place controlled by digital technology and artificial intelligence.

And the lack of human presence reinforced the value of the place in this drama, in which the only window remained that which was provided by the robot in terms of instructions, and therefore the exit from the scope of that place became no more than a virtual departure into archival memories about Liz to analyze its content in order to extract from it what information could be useful to her. .

The dialogues were built in a clever and elaborate way between Liz and Leo, they are like a process of deciphering a confusing puzzle and she must be very intelligent when she asks for something or asks for something, because it will lead to another hidden truth, and that is why these brief dialogues and the function will connect her to the truth of her existence Marginal as a human being.

But it was not very different from the laboratory rats that had in its hallucinations and sleep, it was also just a human experience.

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