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Tunis, 21st session of the Theatrical Days of Carthage Tunis, 21st session of the Theatrical Days of Carthage

Tunis, 21st session of the Theatrical Days of Carthage

Tunis, The press conference of the 21st session of the Theatrical Days of Carthage, December 07 – 15. 2019, was held on Wednesday November 27.

2019 at the Theater of Young Creators of the City of Culture in presence of M. Hatem Derbel, Director of the organizing committee, M. Abdelhalim Messaoudi, Deputy Director, M. Mohamed Hedi Jouini, Director General of the National Establishment for the Promotion of Festivals and Cultural and Artistic Events and a large number of representatives of Tunisian and foreign media.

M. Mohamed Hedi Jouini, Director General of the National Establishment for the Promotion of Festivals and Cultural and Artistic Events, said that Tunisia will be the capital of the Arab and international theater starting from the next week, praising the efforts made by the organizing committee members, stressing that the role of the National Establishment for the Promotion of Festivals and Cultural and Artistic Events is limited to the financial support through a budget estimated to one million dinars, expressed at the end of his speech that this session will be one of the best session in the history of the Tunisian Theater.

M. Hatem Derbel, President of the organizing committee, said that preparations for this session have started just after the closing of the last one. He also recalled the important role played by this event in the national cultural landscape.

A festival of which the number of followers is increasing every year coming to discover the details and news about this distinguished artistic expression.

"Always open to the world the festival is becoming a platform for artists. Hence the need to highlight the commitment of our rich and prolific theater while strengthening the partnership between countries "he said.

He added: "This year again, the Tunisian audience will discover works from around the world that will compete in beauty.

Indeed more than 110 plays are scheduled: 25 Tunisian play, 18 Arab play, 6 African and 17 from various countries.

14 performances are under the official competition including 10 works from Arab countries, 2 shows from Tunisia and 2 from African countries. "

The audience will also discover 6 Tunisian plays under the itinerary section, 17 creations as part of the World Theater section, 3 under the Arab Theatrical Expression abroad section, 9 in the Theater in Regions section, 15 under the Theater for Children section, 11 under the Theater of Freedom section (Theater in the penitentiary institutions), 4 under the Amateur Theater section, 12 under the School Theater section and finally 6 under the Theater in Culture Houses section. Abdelhalim Messaoudi, Deputy Director of the festival emphasized the role that theater has always played in our country.

He said that Tunisia has 300 Roman theaters, sign of the important artistic political and social role played by this discipline.

The street shows are the other bright side of the festival represented in live entertainment shows (scenic arts, music, dance, improvisation ...) which will be held daily at the Habib Bourguiba Avenue.

This year, the Opera Theater of the City of Culture will host the opening ceremony of this session and three shows in three different spaces will be performed the same evening: "Kaligula" by Fadhel Jaziri at the 4ème Art hall, "Black Market" by Ali Yahiaoui on the stage of the "The Rio" hall and "Message of Freedom" by Hafedh Khalifa on the stage of "Le Mondial" hall.

This year, the Theatrical Days of Carthage will pay tribute to the region of Gafsa, through the theatrical performance "Zoom" by Hedi Abbes, a photographic exhibition by Chokri Smaoui, a roundtable about the theme « Itinéraire du théâtre régional de Gafsa » and also a tribute to the pioneers of the troupe of Gafsa and the new creation of Nizar Saïdi entitled "Illusion".

Adding to all this, 11 performances will be scheduled in the program of this session under the section of “Theater of Freedom”.

These plays will be performed by prisoners practicing theater within the penitentiary institutions.

The members of the official jury of this session are: Raouf Ben Amor from Tunisia (President), Jamel Yakout from Egypt, Salah Alkasab from Iraq, Koffi Kwahule from Côte d’Ivoire, Abdelouahed Ben Yasser from Morocco and Kamel Allaoui from Tunisia.

Tributes and consecrations are also part of the program: Amel Hedhili (Tunisia) Mohamed Mourali (Tunisia) Neji Nejah (Tunisia) Nadra Omrane (Palestine / Jordan) Ahmed Al Jasmi (United Arab Emirates) Mohamed Charchal (Algeria) Abdallah Saadaoui (Bahrain) Odil Sankara (Burkina Faso) Koffi Kwahulé (Côte d’Ivoire) and Raja Farhat (Tunisia) Ezzedine Madani (Tunisia) Mohamed Moumen (Tunisia) Roger Assaf (Lebanon) Samir Asfouri (Egypt) Ghassan Massaoud (Syria) and Thouraya Jabran ( Morocco).

M. Tarek El Fanny, Director of the General Administration of Prisons in charge of cultural affairs at the Ministry of Justice, praised the fact that the organizing committee is still encouraging the theatrical activities within the penitentiary institutions through the Theater of Freedom section. He stressed that the administration has set a challenge to participate with more than 20 plays in the next session.

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