Sunday, 05 July 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian artist, Tarek El-Nahry, is facing a final sentence of 15 years imprisonment for his accusation of being involved in burning the scientific complex, gathering, demonstrating, and possessing firearms.

Egyptian News Vision: - Evidence has emerged of a relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and British community lady Gillin Maxwell, who is currently facing charges of sexual exploitation of minors and whom the press has dubbed "Madame Maxwell," relative to a description often given to women who run sexual networks.

Egyptian News Vision: Turkish fashion expert, Deniz Polot Suz will sue actor Ozan Govin after beating her. "I was subjected to severe physical violence that lasted for more than an hour, by Ozan Govin, with whom I had a public relationship," she said on Instagram.

Egyptian News Vision: - The mayor of Liverpool fighting that if Mohamed Salah wants to run for the mayor of Liverpool, he will have many fans and supporters, expressing his great admiration for the Egyptian star who represents his city team, indicating that he will be the next mayor of the city.

Egyptian News Vision: - After the Egyptian dancer was sentenced to three years in prison, Al-Masry was transferred to the women's prison, to implement her imprisonment sentence issued by the Economic Misdemeanor Court.

Egyptian News Vision: - Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, has spoken of her relationship with the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and denied reports of her marriage to him.


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