Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - The Lebanese actress, Karen Rizkallah, made controversial statements through the "Confrontation" program presented by Rudolf Hilal on the Lebanese Sout Beirut International and LBCI channels.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Microsoft founder Bill Gates does not want to distance himself from the light of suspicions about the Corona virus pandemic, but rather insists on being directly related to it, as he predicted the end date of that pandemic, which some parties accused him of standing behind.

Beirut,: The Lebanese producer and DJ Always April and Artist Bashaar Al Jawad released “Ti Ra Ra” in collaboration with Universal Music MENA with an uplifting music video.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - The Egyptian writer, Nawal El Saadawi, born on October 27, 1931, is an Egyptian doctor, writer and novelist who advocated for human rights in general and women's rights in particular, and she is one of the most important Egyptian and African women writers throughout the ages.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Algerian actress Reem Ghazali died of cancer, according to what her sister, artist Salma Ghazali, announced in a video she posted on social media.

NEW YORK NY – MARCH 16th, 2021 –Today, emerging international pop phenomenon Issam Alnajjar releases the music video for his debut hit single “Hadal Ahbek,” which has caught fire online and around the world.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Egyptian actress, Fifi Abdo, asked her followers on the global photo exchange site Instagram to pray for her, and promised them to return to them after she recovers.

Dubai, Daily Times: French billionaire and politician, Olivier Dassault, died in a helicopter crash in Normandy, where he owned a vacation home.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed Scott and Jewitt's marriage

Dubai, Daily Times: MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of "Amazon" founder, Jeff Bezos, married her children's 50-year-old teacher, a science teacher at Seattle Lakeside Private School; Where he was a teacher for the children of Scott and Bezos.

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