President of the Republic of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuchynski; facing criticism after complaining of his salary, after he had his annual salary; a former investment banker, a $ 700 thousand, before assuming the presidency.

During a press conference in Los Angeles (southwestern United States), the American pornographic film actress, Jessica Drake, accompanied by a lawyer specializing in defamation cases against women, Gloria Allred, said she met the Republican candidate to the US presidential election, Donald Trump, during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California in 2006.

Amira Bin Karam, vice president of «Namaa» Foundation to promote women Chairperson of Sharjah Business Women Council, and her mother and her sister, who died as a result of a fire in their home, Qadisiyah area in Sharjah, while their brother was wounded.

During a radio interview within the "El Show program Del Mandril" on the radio station "Radio Centro", actress Salma Hayek, expressed fears that the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States of America

Lebanese singer Yara, posted a video clip of the moment to meet her, the star Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou, where Yara hugged their star picked up his favorite image of Sylvie.

Cristiano Ronaldo, employed the daughter of Jorge Mendez, Marissa (25 years) is responsible for public relations, and director of its own sites and social networking.

Singer and dancer, and the lady of American Business, aged 58 years, Madonna, will be presented to the voters who will choose to vote for a candidate the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the US presidential election, bonus, an "oral sex."

Algerian businessman, Rachid Nekkaz, committed to paying the fines imposed on women who wear the niqab in France, despite the pressures faced by the French authorities, how much it paid yet?

Thursday, January 20 of the year 1938, one of the most memorable days in the history of modern Egypt, where he witnessed the wedding, king of Egypt, Sudan, Farouk I, Miss Safinaz Zulfiqar, which became known as the " Queen Farida", in the palace of the dome amid ownership and popular celebrations swept across Egypt and length of display.

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La France, l'Allemagne et l'Espagne ont convenu de créer un avion de combat européen alternatif au Rafale
France, Germany and Spain have agreed to create an alternative European combat aircraft to the Rafale
Francia, Alemania y España han acordado crear un avión de combate europeo alternativo al Rafale
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France, Germany and Spain have agreed to create an alternative European combat aircraft to the Rafale

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