Egyptian news vision: FIFA has revealed the final list for the Best Player in the World Award, which is awarded annually by the International Federation of Football Associations.

The competition will be between Argentine Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Robert Lewandowski.

Egyptian news vision: The Egyptian journalist, Tamer Amin, is facing a two-year prison sentence and a fine of 50,000 Egyptian pounds to stop execution, along with a fine of 40,000 Egyptian pounds, for the civil prosecution, against the background of his accusation of insulting and defaming the Egyptian model Mirhan Hisham Abdel Qader, known as Merihan Keeler.

Tamer Amin was facing charges of insulting, slandering and violating the privacy of Merihan Keeler, residing in the Emirates.

Egyptian news vision: - The Lebanese actress residing in the Kingdom, Darine Al-Bayadh, took off the veil, a decision she described as brave, after many years of hesitation, fear and fear. 55555555555555555 Darine Al-Bayadh admitted during a video clip she posted on "Snapchat" that she wore it all her life out of fear of others and society.

"Al-Bayadh" said: "Wearing the hijab was a problematic reason throughout adolescence, and she was hesitant about taking it off, for fear of other people's reactions and criticism of her."

Egyptian news vision: The artist Shams Al-Kuwaiti entered into a dispute with the Saudi women because of a competition for chefs during which she wanted to support them, but it seems that a misunderstanding occurred and was the focus of the dispute, and the Saudis demanded her expulsion from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or she apologized for this video.

Egyptian news vision: - Diego Maradona left an audio message for Mario Bodre, husband of his ex-girlfriend Veronica Ojeda, which was considered a moving will as he was asked to take care of his angel.

And by his angel, Maradona meant his son from his girlfriend, 7-year-old Digito.

Egyptian news vision: - The Lebanese artist, Nicolas Mezher, said that he does not mind his sister having sex before marriage in light of the current communication and technological development, explaining that the age of Facebook and social media has made him change his opinion on this topic.

Beirut – Egyptian news vision:– Banah releases her new single with Universal Music Mena entitled “Shou El Hal”. This single will be the leading track and title of the compilation album of all Banah’s previous work and which will be released in December 2020.

The song that is in Levantine Arabic and that takes on a fusion sound combining oriental and Latin beats was written by Pierre Hayek and produced by Universal Music MENA. As for the melody of the track, it was designed by Yehya Al Hassan and arranged by Omar Sabbagh .

Egyptian news vision: - The soccer legend, Argentine Diego Maradona, died at the age of 60, just two weeks after leaving the hospital, of a heart attack.

Maradona was discharged from hospital on November 11, 2020, after undergoing emergency brain surgery to remove a blood clot, and he was staying in a home near his older daughter.

Egyptian news vision: - The Lebanese actress, Myriam Klink, returned to stirring up controversy with the video clip "Houto", facing a storm of criticism, whether for the video or for the words that carry sexual impulses.

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