Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, mourned Elias Rahbani through his Twitter account, and many art celebrities in Lebanon and the Arab world expressed their grief at his death.

The Lebanese musician, Elias Rahbani, passed away, on Monday, at the age of 83.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Qasr El Nil Prosecution office in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, has conducted an investigation into the death of the Syrian director Hatem Ali, and it has been proven that the death is natural, and accordingly the prosecution authorized the burial of the body, as there is no criminal suspicion.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, answered a question about the secret of her appearance in bold clothes, with a shocking statement she made in the promotional "promo" for a television episode she recorded for the Iraqi program "I am the Knight", whose first episode will be guest.

The shocking response from Rania Youssef: "Because my ass is special," this statement will open fire again on Youssef.

Celebrating the young actor's journey and remarkable achievements, GQ Middle East awarded Egyptian star Ahmed Malek its Best Actor in 2020 Award.

The magazine offers its annual awards to actors who make noteworthy achievements through the year, offering a cover story to the awarded star featuring the world's top fashion houses, including Hermès and Dior, as well as a promotional video.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Syrian actress, Tulane Al-Bakri, was exposed to an accident that made her a leader in social media, and her followers considered him a scandal.

Tulane Bakri had revealed that her personal account on a social networking site had been hacked.

panorama Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After his return to singing, a court ruling was issued against the Lebanese artist, Fadl Shaker, on terrorism-related charges, which included prison terms and civil rights cases.

A Lebanese court sentenced a 22-year prison sentence with hard labor.

Egyptian news vision: - Disputes between Hala Al-Turk and her mother, Mona Al-Sayer, reached the courts, where she accused her mother of stealing her money. ”The ruling was issued to imprison the mother for a year, and to pay 200,300 Bahraini dinars.

Egyptian news vision: - Hasna Seif El-Din revealed that she had five tumors in the neck, and asked the audience to pray for her to be cured and for the tumors to be benign.

Hasna Seif El-Din published a picture of her while she was in the hospital through her account on the “Instagram” website, and commented on it: “After the tests and sonar scans, five tumors in my neck are waiting for the surgeon to do a surgery to take a sample for examination, and God willing, they will be benign tumors, call me.”

Egyptian news vision: Screen International has announced the emerging Jordanian Actress Tara Abboud among its selection for the 4th Arab Stars of Tomorrow 2020, introduced within the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival.

This comes after a few weeks of selecting Tara as one of the talents featured by MAD Rising Celebrity initiative.

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