Attempt to kill the Egyptian media Basma Wahba - vision

Attempt to kill the Egyptian media Basma Wahba

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Egyptian journalist Basma Wahba was killed when she was in her home on her own.

Basma Wahba had used an Ugandan worker to take care of her garden and surprised her in her room, taking advantage of her husband's travel abroad and not being able to travel with him because of her daughter's illness.

The worker grabbed Massey's earring, but Basma Wahba woke up when she felt a voice, tried to control her nerves and asked what he was doing in her room. "He brought her a cup of tea," she replied.

"She wants to sleep now." When he came out of her room, she closed the door and asked for help from her neighbor, the wife of the producer Jamal al-Adl, who immediately sent her home workers and called the police, so that the accused would be arrested before escaping.

In the investigation, the worker confessed that he wanted to assault Basma Wahba for her theft.

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