Confirmation of the death of Kuwaiti rapper Dana Olayan - vision
Confirmation of the death of Kuwaiti rapper Dana Olayan Confirmation of the death of Kuwaiti rapper Dana Olayan

Confirmation of the death of Kuwaiti rapper Dana Olayan

Dana Al-Olayan died a month ago and the family kept silent on the news

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The mother of Kuwaiti rap singer Dana Olayan confirmed the death of her 31-year-old daughter and said she died on Sunday, February 11, 2019. The news remained secret.

Dana Olayan's mother pointed out that the psychological state in which she and the family lived (Dana has 3 male brothers, the only girl among them) made them ignore what was exchanged through the applications of communication about their daughter.

She revealed that Dana died in a car accident while she was going to meet with a director to agree on the wages of a series she was planning to shoot in the coming period.

The mother said she learned about the incident two hours later, and Dana died directly from the accident.

Dana left an 8-year-old boy named Abdullah, who is not even aware of his mother's death.

"Until he reaches a slightly older age, he can deal with it more strongly with his mother's departure," she said.

Abdullah believes that his mother is on a business trip.

On the pages of Dana Al-Olayan on the sites of communication, the mother said that the family was able, and with the help of a friend Dana, delete their page on Facebook and its channel through "YouTube", demanding the deletion of any video on the sites.

The mother said that she knew that "some of what Dana publishes is bold" and does not want to "misjudge people."

In her private life, she was a very good, modest, simple and close-knit girl in the family.

She loved life a lot and was superior to her studies. She also confirmed that she would graduate from the University of Kuwait's Business School and excel despite the fact that she did not read or write in Arabic before the family returned to Kuwait.

The mother explained that Dana did not have any friends with the workers in the artistic and media, so when the prevalence of the people was not confirmed or denied.

She pointed out that "the only person who really liked Dana and attended to her condolences is artist Abeer Khader, while the rest of the situation of observers, are unsure of the news of death."

The mother confirmed that Dana was born and raised in a high-profile environment (where her mother was the first Gulf woman to enter the Middle East car race), lived success and was not interested in fame as some believe, but was abysmal of what she offers and has a passion for him.

Wrong making people see it in a way that does not look like it. "

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