Media Riham Said disease is not rare, and this is the truth (...) - vision

Media Riham Said disease is not rare, and this is the truth (...)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The sister of the Egyptian media Riham Said has announced the truth of her illness through her account on "Facebook," where she explained that she suffered a severe microbial in the nose and he feared his arrival to the eye and brain, while denying the impact on the brain.

Commenting on this, the professor of dermatology Dr. Hani Al-Nazer said that there is no disease called face bacteria. He pointed out that it is usually the treatment of diseases that infected people as a result of bacterial infection with antibiotics, pointing out that prior to the process to choose the appropriate antibody.

Riham disease may be allergic to the nose and infections in the sinuses and that the condition worsened by a microbe.

He reported that there was a direct connection between the end of the nose and skull openings and that the microbe might leak into the brain if it was not encountered.

He revealed that this is done by accurate surgery during which the removal of infected tissue with the use of antibiotics.

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