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Video, Maya Diab Dance in The Bahamas

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, has published on the footage as she dances in the streets of the Bahamas and performs dramatic movements.

Maya commented on the passage saying: "Sweet travel and sweetness, it feels you are completely free on the road and in some area you sell it and work with you."

"I was cattle in the Bahamas and every shop had different music, and on every music I used to dance a dance from the other."

Her dance in the street stirred up a fuss among commentators and was subjected to outrageous comments full of bullying in their form and movements, but she did not respond to any of them.

Maya Diab performs a massive concert with singer Joseph Attieh in Tartous, Syria, on July 19, 2019.

She announced this through a brochure through her account at Instagram and invited her fans to attend.

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Video, Maya Diab Dance in The Bahamas
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